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We exist to usher you into Christ

The School of Ministry and Leadership is our weekly meeting where we apply Biblical perspectives to strengthen our leadership, no matter where we find ourselves. Everyone has the seed of leadership within them because in the beginning God created man to have dominion. Join us every Monday at 19h CET.

“Occupy until I come.” Jesus tells His disciples to steward the quantum of influence He has given each of us until His return. But He also told us we live as strangers in a strange land. How are we to exert influence in exile?

We’ve been combing through the archives to bring you our favourite teachings from 2022. The Word of the Lord stays the same! These teachings remain as relevant as ever.

How do you know you’re in alignment with your leadership season? How do you know whether or not you’re in sync with the season?

To have the same mindset that enabled Jesus to fulfil His earthly ministry will transform everything about you. What is this mindset exactly?

The cry that met Jesus in His triumphal entry into Jerusalem was ‘hosanna’, which means save us. But this same crowd morphed into a mob just days later to call for Jesus’ crucifixion. What distinguishes the crowd’s hosanna from the leader’s hosanna?

Hope is a crucial leadership trait. The hopeful leader is able to do many things, but importantly, the hopeful leader eats hope and feeds hope to others.

Why do leaders fall away? Because sometimes the pressure and heat of leading become too much. But the crucible of leadership – the intense, traumatic, always unplanned experience of adversity – if the leader can overcome it, will be the leader’s place of transformation.

Stretching can be so many things: flexibility, elasticity, resilience, adaptability. But every now and then, we need the rehabilitation of stretch after limitation and disuse have set in. In this teaching, we examine why the leader needs to stretch to be healed.

Feeling two contradicting emotions at the same time can cause us to experience tension. To overcome the pain of stretching, we need to learn the long game. As a leader who walks with Jesus, you need to learn this.

Who is fit to serve the King? The one who is willing to push through the wall of thorns…

When we think about bees, what comes to mind is the sweetness of their honey, or the bitterness of their sting. But bees have a wisdom in leadership, embodied by one great leader in the Bible.

There comes a moment when the family becomes a nation, when how you led yesterday must shift to be able to lead for tomorrow. We take a look at what happened when Jacob gathered his family.

David was a great leader for many reasons. One of his greatest assets was his ability to make alliances. Learning to build and maintain your networks is a key leadership skill.

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